Z-Wave is considered to be one of the most secure home automation protocols currently available. This is due to the encryption algorithms and the secured communication between the Z-Wave devices and home automation server.


Primarily, the security comes from the security layer of Z-Wave transmitters that includes the MAC address and encrypts the transmitted data. Additionally, when pairing a device the wireless protocol has a specific syncing procedure where an encrypted network key is shared between devices and is required for the server-to-device communication.​


The Agile Home Automation system uses Homeseer technologies. This system is a closed system behind your router’s firewall with built-in hack blocking. It uses a complex userid and password combination and establishes encrypted wireless connectivity with all of your Z-Wave devices. This system has been developed over the last 20 years and has very strong security measures built into the software.


If additional security measures are required, a custom Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be configured for your network at an additional cost.
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